Here is my own made-up recipe for lamb tajine, an oriental dish. I made the recipe based on tajines I've had and on culinary advice given to me by Moroccan friends. It's probably not the most authentic recipe, but it was delicious to me and my guests.
Tajines take a lot of time to cook, so if you like quick recipes, or dishes you just put in the oven and don't have to do anything to until it's cooked, skip it. But believe me, patience is a virtue, and it's worth it! All the flavors develop and blend together for an oh-so-tasty result. The meat becomes very tender and it's delicious.
If you have a tajine dish, it's perfect, but if you don't, you can make it in a pot.

How many servings? serves 4 people
How much prep time? 30-45 minutes, done throughout the cooking
How much cooking time? 3 hours

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