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Friday 24 August 2012

Chocolate-covered marzipan

I think there's nothing like a sweet melty piece of marzipan covered with a bitter, stimulating layer of dark chocolate. One balances out the sweetness, the other balances out the bitterness.

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Sunday 19 August 2012


Brioche is a French sweet bread made best with fresh duck eggs and rich farm butter, but regular store-bought hen eggs and butter will work too. When French people eat brioche, it is usually for breakfast with jelly, or for the "goûter" (a meal between lunch and dinner, observed mostly by youngsters, and mostly composed of sweets). A kid's favorite is to eat is with nutella.

How much? one big brioche, or 5-6 bun-size brioches (pictures)
How much prep time? 20-25 minutes + 2 hours rising
How much baking time? 20-35 minutes

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Thursday 16 August 2012

Marzipan (almond paste)

Marzipan, or almond paste, is a delicious paste you can use for many purposes: to decorate your desserts, to eat it straight, to stuff in dry fruits, etc. Homemaking it may not necessarily be cheaper, but it has a stronger almond taste, and you can vary it more.

How much? a ball of almond paste the size of a fist or slightly bigger
How much prep time? 10 minutes
How much refrigeration or baking time? none needed

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In France, we don't have as many salad dressings as in the United States. Actually, the expression salad dressing does not even exist in French. When we dress a salad, it's with vinaigrette. Here's the way it's made (so simple there's no reason you should ever buy it pre-made).

How much? a small bowl
How much prep time? 2 minutes
How much refrigeration or baking time? none

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Tuesday 14 August 2012

Kelsey's rose cake

Ever thought of making a rose-flavored cake? No? Well, you should. I haven't jotted down the recipe for this one —which I made up— but here is vaguely how I made it, and two more pictures.

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Monday 13 August 2012

French chocolate truffles

One of the many reasons I love Christmas is that to me it doesn't mean cookies (which I like a lot too), but chocolate truffles (which I love to indulge in)! Here's a recipe to make them the way we make them in France.

How many? 20-30 truffles
How much prep time? 30 minutes
How much refrigeration time? 3 hours (can be reduced to 1 hour but the truffles won't be as firm)

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Use marzipan to decorate your cakes!

Just for those who don't know, marzipan is almond paste. You can buy it pre-made or you can make it yourself. Either way, it's a little expensive, but it makes great decorations and it's delicious. That's about all I had to say, there are no other pictures in this post at the moment, but you can find a recipe to make your own marzipan under the "basics" tab.

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Saturday 11 August 2012

Chicken "aux olives"

Here's my way to cook a whole chicken: with a lot of herbs and plenty of olives. Here's the how-to.

How much? 1 whole chicken
How much time? 15-20 minutes
How much cooking time? 1 hour and 30 minutes

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Dark relish for hot days

It's a hot day and you want a refreshing, energizing beverage? What about a blackberry smoothie.

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Wednesday 8 August 2012

Blackberry muffins

It's blackberry season again. The bravest of us will risk bruises and scratches and collect pounds and pounds of them off the bush, others will just buy them in the store. But either way, we all love them! So here's a recipe for blackberry muffins.

How many servings? 12 muffins
How much prep time? 15 minutes
How much baking time? 30 minutes

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