Dream Recipes

Wednesday 27 April 2011

Matcha tea bites

I almost posted this idea in the 'Sweet Recipes' category, but I am too unsure of the proportions. So here it is, in the 'Ideas' section: small sweet bites made out of white chocolate, matcha tea, and corn flakes.

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Make a smoothie!

Wherever you are, Spring or Summer is probably making itself more and more ostentatious, so it's time to make a smoothie!
(After thinking about it, I take the "wherever you are" back, as I guess that if you're in the Southern hemisphere, it isn't the case... oh well, you can still make a smoothie to make sure you have all the vitamins you need to start the winter).

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Friday 22 April 2011

The bachopeabea

Here my latest invention. I made it on one of those days when I got up with the decisive idea that I had to make up some story, recipe, or something. Well, baking won the what-will-I-invent-today battle.

How many servings? 6-8 people
How much time to prepare? 30 minutes
How much time to cook or bake? 30-40 minutes

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Tomato crumble

Spring has brought new fruits and vegetables to break the winter-plate monotony. So why not use them to make a delicious entree? Here's with tomato and zucchini.

How many servings? 4-6 people
How much time to make it? 20 minutes
And how much time to cook? 60 minutes

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Sunday 10 April 2011

A sunny apple pie...

So, where I am right now, it is warm and sunny. This Srping feels like Summer, really! So, tell me what'd be more grateful to the sun than taking some delicious organic apples and turning them into a delicious apple pie for my friends?!

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