I am a 23 year-old Frenchman. My name is Baptiste (said bah-tist) and I currently live in Oregon (US). This website allows me to share my passion for cooking and baking. As you'll find out, or have found out, in the "sweet" category, I love chocolate and bake with it very often. You'll also notice that the proportions for most recipes are given in grams. In France, we don't use measuring cups but scales. Weighing ingredients is a habit I have kept because I think it is more accurate and more practical than measuring cups. Sometimes I try to give proportions in cups too, though. You can buy a scale for cheap (1-5 dollars) in any dollar store or equivalent, or a better, digital one, for 15-30 dollars. If you're willing to put the money in, I'd go for a bigger one on which you can put your mixing bowl and weigh ingredients as you add them in. But if you don't want to spend, the cheap diet scales are great. That's what I've been using for years when I'm in the US.

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