Hi, and welcome on Dream Recipes, or "Cuisine de Rêve" in French. On this website, you'll find recipes of all kinds. Some that I made up and invented, others that are classics in the US or in France. Some from around the world.

The site is organized in four categories: savory recipes, sweet recipes, basics, and ideas. Under the tab "the basics", you'll find recipes for breads, sauces, mayonnaise, etc. The tab "looking for ideas" will be useful for those who, like me, never look at the recipes but only at the pictures, recipe names, and the lists of ingredients. I don't put precise recipes there, but things I have quickly improvised, or even more elaborate recipes that I invented but did not jot down. Under that tab, I don't give proportions and step-by-step methods, but rather a vague idea of how I did. And pictures of course. All my posts have pictures.

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